Giving and Getting

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In this assignment we had to pick and follow one of the RSA Student Design Awards briefs. After reading through them all I decided to do the “Giving and Getting” brief. I came up with a few ideas such as creating a website or something to do with the advertising of a charity but the only one I could come up with that would realistically work was an iPhone and iPod touch App so I started drawing up some ideas.

I thought, what kind of an iPhone App can I link to charity, and in what way can I link it, so after being stumped for a while I looked down at my desk to find a sponsor form for an event I was doing for Help for Heroes, then it came to me. What annoys me most about collecting sponsors from people? Having to take a piece of in and out of a bag or a folder every time someone wants to sponsor you. What would make it easier? Having something at the palm of my hand that isn’t going to get tatty and that I always have with me. My mobile phone. This is where the idea for the Sponsorship App came from, digitalising a sponsor form, making a simple task simpler.

I then went onto thinking about what was going to go into the App and how many different screens it was going to have in it and what kind of features it has and how I could appeal to groups of all ages so I decided to go with the plain and simple approach. I was careful not to over crowd and overload the pages with lots of images and overcrowded layouts.

I did some paper designs but I didn’t include them in the project as the brief specifically said four A3 pages and a 500 word write up to accompany them. It was a pretty simple brief to follow once I had the design work out of the way. Creating the App screens was the hardest part. I only managed to get four out of eleven to look something like a working app. To create the app I used a program from Apple’s Software Developer Kit which is called Interface Designer and then once I had created the layout on Interface Designer I went onto clean them up with Adobe’s Photoshop to make them a little more professional looking and add some images and sample text.

I think if I was gonna do this project again in the future then I would try and make a few more of the screens from the app to show instead of using the same images twice, I would also try and go into more detail when describing each slide because sometimes I feel that when I am describing stuff, the things that my brain thinks and the thoughts that I think do not always go down on paper as well as I would like them to do.



RSA Competition

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After looking through the selection of Briefs from the RSA Student Design Awards Competition I have finally decided on which one I am going to work on. I am going to work from the Giving and Getting Brief.