After watching a couple of talks on the TED website which is and it stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. We watched videos about various different topics by various different people but we watched a presentation by a bloke called Eli Pariser all about something called Filter Bubbles which got us as a class talking, which lead to this assignment.

What are Filter Bubbles, that’s what I would be asking myself if I had just read that last paragraph. Well, A Filter Bubble is what companies use to personally tailor searches to specific users. Google used to display the results of the most popular link first but it now displays results in accordance to the users browsing habits so most peoples search results are different. This is also how adverts that appear on websites such as are usually things that you would be interested in. Also social networking website uses a similar thing to google where it displays things in your news feed relevant to who you communicate with the most and various other criteria. Its is basically giving people what they want to see and hear and sometime not necessarily what then need to see or hear.

When asked about it, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, said ‘A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa’.

So now knowing all this that I didn’t know before. I am going to perform an experiment which will be to take 3 different phrases “Rubber Duck” “Gun Slinger” and “Bin Laden” and type them into Google on two different laptops belonging to two different people, my own, and my fathers. Due to the difference in interests and browsing habits of two different generations I am expecting the top three results to be different.

My Google Search Results

Dads Google Search Results

As you can see from the three different searches there are some Identical results but neither computer has given the exact same results which goes to prove that the Filter-bubble is a real thing and that we are indeed being monitored and our every click recorded, in-fact I wouldn’t be suppressed if somebody was recording every single keystroke that I am making, meaning that every spelling mistake I make or any sentence I delete or change is probably being stored somewhere on the internet, maybe nobody will ever sit and read it but it doesn’t mean that it will never or isn’t currently being recorded.