When we were first given this task to complete it was to link two completely unrelated words to come up with the Idea of a product to advertise. So we were all given the same two words so that it was fair to everybody, these words were “Stone” and “Camera” which confused the hell out of quite a few people but there were some good ideas floating around the room. I however could not think of any ideas what so ever. So I left this project and worked on a couple of my others.

When I came back to this project and too a fresh approach to it I thought of an Idea almost straight away. I had been replaying an old video game from my childhood, Pokémon, lately and done another project using recycled childhood knowledge so I decided that I should stick to what I know and again decided to use Pokémon as my initial idea.

So I was looking through a bunch of rock Pokémon on the internet and tried to get a camera to go with it. Eventually I came out with a “Golem” holding a camera, which looked pretty cool in itself but it had no real function or purpose. So I decided to go back to the drawing board.

I then tried thinking of some other Ideas that I could use Golem for as I like the Idea of incorporating Pokemon into my work. But alas, no came to mind. However I did then go back to looking through different Rock Pokémon and I found another that was called Ryhorn which brought a brilliant Idea to mind. There is enough space on Ryhorn’s head to mount a camera so I could turn him into a Ryhorn Webcam!

I then went onto looking for just camera lenses, not the entire camera, just the lens. at first I founds a couple of ones that would have been good but they were pictured from the wrong perspective so wouldn’t have worked the way I wanted them to. After about 10 minutes of looking I finally found one that looked the way I wanted. Still the perspective wasn’t 100 percent perfect but it was the closest I was gonna get.

After I found and created the Idea for my product I then began work on my poster to advertise the product. It took me a while because to get the desired effect I had to trawl the internet for some new photoshop brushes because the standard ones wouldn’t create a texture that I was happy with.

After I created a background I was happy with then I started to build it up slowly, adding a couple more colours which are faded into the background before adding the detail to the poster.

It was time do add the detail so I then added my product, then the titles and information about my product and decided which fonts to use.

If I was going to do this project again I think that I would definitely try to take my own images so that everything was original and consistant. and all the perspectives were correct but I also wouldn’t want to combine the words Stone and Camera ever again either.