For this project we looked at an artist called Slinkachu and his “Little People” project which can be found at which started in 2006. The project is where the artist has placed little people in different scenarios and taken photographs of them from 3 different distances.

I then started to look on the internet for some more inspiration and ideas to do something similar and stumbled across something similar by a different artist. His work can be found here at

I also found a similar project done by a Photographer called Stéfan who has created a series of photographs called “Stormtroopers Day Off” his work can be found at

This project is basically where the photographer has taken a couple of Stormtroopers from the film “Starwars” and has placed them in various different situations that are all comical in their individual ways. 365 pictures for 365 days.

Im sure there are more projects like this out there on the internet but these are the three that I came across.

After looking at the work of the other artists it took me a while to decide what I was going to do so that I wasn’t copying what they had already done so once again I decided to fall back on childhood knowledge, much like I have done with some of my other projects where I have used Pokémon references. This time however I decided to use Lego mini-figures, as I spent alot of my childhood playing with Lego and building things.

So after deciding to use Lego Mini-figures, I went to dig them out of the box in the Cupboard. After sorting them all out I decided to use the Lego City Construction workers because I had more of them than I did of anything else.

Now I had one picture scenario, the others were a bit more tricky. One Idea that I had was hanging them on the washing line, but then I realised that it didnt have much to do with construction. So I decided to photograph them trying to lift a car wheel up and also trying to save the foreman from drowning in soil.

If I was to do this again then I think I would buy a better camera than the little point and shoot that I was using. Also I would put them into more scenarios and do a wider range of images of them rather than just three.