For this assignment, we had to choose a short clip or a scene from a film and draw a story board depicting it by drawing 20 story board squares and keep it a secret so that the rest of the class could guess which film it was that I had drawn when they were all finished.

When it came to choosing a film to draw i found it really difficult as I cant draw at all, if I’m completely honest, a five year old could probably draw better than me, however i started looking on the internet for some inspiration but just ended up watching viral videos for a couple of hours so I decided to take a look through my DVD collection to try and find something that would be easy to draw.

 The first one I picked out was Iron Man 2, I started to scan through the film to find a scene that would be easy to draw, found one and then tried to draw the DVD cover and failed horribly, it just ended up in a scribbled mess so I gave it up as a bad job because drawing people is one thing but drawing robots and actually making them look like a robot rather than just a weird looking person with a light coming out of his chest is really just out of my skill set.

This is the point where I moved onto working on something else for a couple of days and took a fresh approach to this assignment.

I then started looking at other films and I decided to go with one of my favorites, The A-Team, the remake with Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper in it. I turned it on and just started sketching the first scene out, did it camera shot by camera shot, everytime the camera switched to a different angle I switched to a new piece of paper and started drawing the next one. It took me a while, but eventually my scribbles actually started to bare some resemblance to the scene that I was drawing.

It took a while and Im still not completely happy with how the drawings actually turned out but still its done to the best of my drawing ability.

If I was to do this project again, i think I would spend more time learning to draw which might take a while but atleast the final product would turn out looking much better rather than looking like somebody gave a small child a box of pencils and told them to go nuts drawing whatever they see coming up on the screen.

Having said that I dont think ive done too bad for somebody that has no artistic skilll with a pen or paintbrush.