The goal of this Challenge is to make an advert that is a maximum of 32 seconds long. The product I am going to be advertising is Pasta, yes thats right, of all the interesting products in the world, we are avertising Pasta. I started off by looking at a few different types of adverts, not all of which were for food but they still gave me an idea of different styles of adverts. One of the main ones I noticed that quite alot of adverts have is Celebrity Endorcement. The “X, Y and Z people are using this product so therefore you should too” way of thinking. There was also things like Stop Motion Animation adverts and demonstration style adverts where they show you different uses for a product.

Linking back to the Celebrity endorsement, Mr. T, famously known for his role in The A-Team back in the 1980’s is now endorsing things like World of Warcraft, the massively successful MMORPG and also Snickers Chocolate.

One of the styles I really did like is the style of advertising that Apple use when they are advertising their product which is having a white background with nothing else on it other than the product. This means that the product is the main focus and there is nothing to detract from that.

Taken from the Apple iPod Nano Advert

I think this is that style I am going to go for when creating my video, However there is still a few other styles to look at such as the Waitrose supermarket adverts that have the likes of Delia Smith and Heston Blumenthal giving demonstrations of what can be made with the Waitrose products. This is much the same as Jamie Oliver and Sainsburys supermarket.

Taken from the Waitrose Advert