In this post I am going to be talking about Marketing Strategies to market a product and how different strategies work better for different products.

2 of the things that have quickly become huge tools of Marketing in the last few years are Facebook and Twitter, despite the fact they are social networking sites, they are one of the fastest ways to get to millions of people. Its kind of like a Snowball effect, someone creates a group and invites a load of people, then they tell two friends, then their friends will tell two more friends. Soon millions of people know within a matter of days. This is one of the ways that Rage Against the Machine got the the christmas number one last year!

There are several other ways of effective marketing that get to a wide audience very quickly, one of which being Television adverts, but also uploading the television adverts to the internet, to places such as because its all well and good putting it on the TV but when you put it on the internet people can send the video link to their friends, embed it to their website play it over and over at their own digression meaning that millions of people, some of which may not even watch TV will see the advert and hear about the product. This is the same with Magazine adverts! It is all well and good putting the advert into a magazine but then it only targets the people that read that particular magazine, where as if you put it in the magazine and also put the advert on the internet, in blog posts, facebook pages, websites as an image file then more people will see it!

There are many other ways except the standard conventions of the widespread media. Making flyers and posters and putting them up in shop windows and handing them out across towns and citys. Give samples of the product out to people to have a look at. Or you could do what a band called Nine Inch Nails did which was put some of their music on small USB memory sticks and leave them dotted around in random places for people to find.

These tools and strategies may all work individually but in recent years the internet has become one of the most powerful tools known to mankind and can speed up and multiply the marketing and publicising of things exponentially. With Social Networking and Online Shopping and people writing Blogs just like this one, the information highway is the fastest and best marketing tool out there!