In this post I am going to be discussing what advertising Strategies Sony used when they originally released their Playstation but also what strategies they would and/or could use if they were releasing the same product in this new age of technology and mass communication.

Sony must have being doing something right as the original Playstation was the first computer entertainment platform to ship 100 million units. It may have taken 9 years and 6 months to do it, however, it is still a great feat and a great indicator of the success of the Playstation. But how did they do it? How did they get the message of their great and almighty console out there to the masses? How did they achieve such great success off the back of one product?

As I have found out while looking and doing my research into this, there is only one downside to researching how they advertised an ancient console that has been surpassed and bettered by their successors such as the Playstation 2 and now the Playstation 3, is that it is pretty much impossible to find out how the original was advertised as everything is now focused on the new and superior console trying to sell that, of which is selling as well as it is because of how well the original console was marketed, consumers want more and more, meaning that they consumers will but the next product the company brings out to see how they have surpassed themselves this time and to see how much better the new console is! This is evident from looking at the sales figures for the Playstation 2 which is currently the best selling video games console selling more than its predecessor.

Now onto the more creative side of things, how the company could advertise their product in this day and age. And to be honest theres not much I can think of to advertise the Playstation 1 that the Sony Corporation are not already doing to advertise their Playstation 3!  Television adverts for the console and its games showing off the new technology and how it is better than previous technologies. Posters and Magazine Adverts to show it off, put the magazine adds in a broad spectrum of magazines to target a huge audience. Maybe create Facebook groups and Twitter accounts so that the consumers can follow the company and the franchise to see what they are doing, and anouncing new games for the console and new pieces of hardware that go with the console to enhance it.

So from all of this, I think it is safe to say, when it comes to Marketing and Advertising, Sony definitely know how to do it right and how to make it work!