Final Cut Pro


In todays session we had an introduction to Final Cut Pro, learned howto input video clips and then cut them up, move them around and then reverce them.

I did have a screen shot to put in but unfortunately the computer I am working on wont let me take a screen shot the conventional way and the alternative program isnt working properly.


The Day It Snowed…

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The entire of the country grinds to a hault and we and up travelling at 10mph all the way to college.

Today in the first half of the session, we had a Tutorial on how to use Twitter, and those that dont already have accounts to make one. Ive been tweeting for a while now so I know pretty much everything that we were shown already. We then went onto looking at a piece of software called TweetDeck, which some of you may have heard of which lets you control most of your social networking from one program, for example, Twitter, Myspace and Facebook which is pretty cool however I dont really like the interface of it much.

After looking at Twitter, we then went onto looking at some more Flash based tutorials for the rest of the session, this week it was learning how to make Buttons work in Flash animations.

Photoshop Skills

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After watching a couple of TED talks in yesterdays session, one being about something called Bump Top, which is basically a new desktop design that lets you drag and drop stuff and make piles, stack shelves etc and make it act like an actual desk. We proceeded to look at some skills on Adobes Potatochop. I’ve used the program before and am quite familiar with it however there was one thing that was so simple and so effective that I had never thought to use it before. It was making a background by building up the layers, adding different effects and textures to make it look better than just a solid block of colour.

We also were set the First Exercise that is to be handed in to the TLAS office on the 7th of December!


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It finally arrived and I’ve finally got it unboxed, set up and updated.

I think that this is by far one of the best investments I have ever made!

I can see this coming in very handy during the course of this course!

Theres a First for Everything

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After creating the blog on WordPress, ive decided to write a post to see how it works because up until now i’ve only ever used Googles “Blogger” website for making blogs on. Hopefully this will convert me.
It has to be said that on the first visit to the website, that the interface is beautiful and easy to use. Everything is layed out in such a way that it is really easy to find everything that you need.
This post is hopefully the first of many to come and I will probably get infected with the Blogging flu.