Electronic Image Making Final Pieces

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This is a Post with all of my Final Pieces for each of the Challenges in it.

C1 - Writing a Tutorial

C2 - Top Internet Memes

C3 - Creating a Pokemon Infographic

C4 - Common Photograph

C5 - Expressive Image


Creating an Infographic Tech Report

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This is the part of the assignment where I tell you which software packages I have used to create the finish product and also which Hardware I used in the process too. The hardware that I used was again, a combination of 2 Computers. I started off by using the college’s iMac and then finished it off by using my Macbook at home.

For this assgnment I didn’t use a standard paper size as it is an Infographic which by nature is long and thin. So I had to work out the dimentions of the canvas i would be working with, so what I did was I opened a new Photoshop Document and looked at the size of A4 which is 210mm x 297mm and then doubled the height so it was the width of A4 but twice the length.

Now I had my canvas size all set to the right size it was time to put some content on there. I started off with a background to make it a little more interesting than just plain white with some information on it.

Once again, i achieved this by using the Opacity tool, I added a picture of a Pokeball (because my infographic is based on Pokémon) and then I used the Opacity tool fade it out so it was still visible but it stayed in the background rather than taking prominence.  This then gave me something with some life to it to work with rather than a blank canvas.

Next on the list was adding the rest of the content to the infographic. This wasn’t too difficult really, after deciding what Images I wanted on the inforgraphic I had to perform some photoshop magic with the Magic Wand tool, as some of them were .JPG files and had white backgrounds on them and they looked daft as they covered up my Pokéball background. So what I did was much the same as I did in the Internet Meme assignment.

–> Opened the File
–> Selected the Magic Wand Tool
–> Selected the White Space
–> Deleted the White Space
–> Saved the file as a .PNG file

Below are Screenshots of the steps I took to do this.

Creating an Infographic

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When we were first given this challenge, we looked at lots of different infographics, all of different sizes and styles and all based on different subjects. Instructional info graphics which were more of a tutorial. Facts and Figures info graphics and also promotional and advertising info graphics.

I tried for a while to think of the different things that I could create an Infographic on. I went through a list of things I enjoyed doing and things that I knew quite a lot about. I was going to do it based guns, on the Sig Saur P226 Pistol in particular, and different Airsoft Replicas of it.

I looked through a few websites and found some little bits of information here and there but then stumbled across something based on Pokémon while I was browsing the internet and I thought to myself, maybe its time that I used some of the knowledge from my childhood which my parents once upon a time deemed as useless and said that I would never use in my adult life.
After I got the size of the Infographic I was going to be creating to the right size, which was 210mm x 590mm, and also chose the topic I was going to be presenting I now had to decide which area of Pokémon to focus on as over the recent years the Pokémon franchise has grown somewhat from the originals.

I decided that I was going to stick to the origional Gameboy Colour Games, Blue Version, Red Version and Yellow Version.

I started off with explaining about the origional Pokémon games and showing a picture of the three Game cases from the first generation of games. (All generations of Pokémon games come in threes. Normally 2 released at the same time and another released a while later) I then went onto explain about the choice of Pokémon you can start off with when you start each of the games.

So after explaining the starting options I had a choice of two things, go onto describe more about these three games or go onto the second generation of Pokémon games which are Gold Version, Silver Version and Crystal Version and explain the starting Pokémon for them three Games. But I decided that if I was going to explain about the second generation of games then I would have to do the Third, Fourth and Fifth generations of the Games so I decided to stick with explaining about the first generation of the games.

My Infographic