Electronic Image Making Final Pieces

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This is a Post with all of my Final Pieces for each of the Challenges in it.

C1 - Writing a Tutorial

C2 - Top Internet Memes

C3 - Creating a Pokemon Infographic

C4 - Common Photograph

C5 - Expressive Image


Writing A Tutorial Tech Report

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This is the part of the assignment where I tell you which software packages I have used to create the finish product and also which Hardware I used in the process too.

I started off with a pen and paper which is about as low tech as you can get really, just jotting a few ideas down about what I was going to create my tutorial about and also in what format I was going to create it.

The hardware that I used was a combination of 2 Computers. I started off by using the college’s iMac and then finished it off by using my Macbook at home. Other hardware I used in this project was one of the College’s Epson Perfection V30 Scanners to scan in my images for each step of the tutorial.

After going through a couple of Ideas I opened Adobe Photoshop CS5 and started to work on a layout for the tutorial, I already had my page border with all my information on it and the titles at the top and the bottom of the page so it was time to divide the rest of the page up into enough spaces to work with.

Below is a screen shot of what the page looked like after I had finished dividing it up with the grid lines on Photoshop. I then went onto writing my step onto the tutorial of which I had already drafted up on Paper.

Below is a screenshot of Photoshop when I had finished putting all the text into the tutorial. It was then time to insert the images that I had drawn and scanned into the iMac. I drew my own images because I couldn’t find ones that I wanted on the internet, but as you can tell from the finished product, my drawing sucks.

As you can see from the picture below, after I inserted the pictures into the tutorial, I selected them all, right clicked and merges the eight layers together because I had them all lined up how I wanted them and I didnt want to accidently knock them out of allignment.

This is just basic photoshop work and I am still learning but one of my main aims is to get better at using Photoshop over time and keep practicing with it.

Challenge 1: Writing A Tutorial

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For this Challenge, we had to write our own tutorial for a task of some variety so that somebody would be able to perform the task from instructions we created.

To start off with we looked at some video tutorials on Youtube.com about simple things like folding a T-shirt and other simple tasks. Also, we looked at various step by step tutorials so that we got a broad idea of different types of tutorials, everything from simple everyday tasks to specialist software tutorials.

At first, I couldn’t think of what to create a tutorial on, it had to be something I knew enough about to try and teach other people. I cycled through a few different ideas, things like how to use certain features on a piece of software, how to achieve a certain objective on a video game, how to disassemble and reassemble a rifle, how to make cook certain recipes, but I eventually settled on a simple task, something I personally do several times a day and that is make a Cup of Tea! Nice and simple for most but some people in the human race are invalids.

Now I had decided what I was going to create a tutorial on it was time to decide how I would present it, what medium I would use to demonstrate what I meant. I contenplated actually making a video tutorial of how to make a cup of tea but when you are in a classroom full of computers in a college that has a policy against kettles, making a video about how to create a cup of tea is kind of difficult so instead I decided to make a simple graphical representation on Adobe Photoshop, I chose to use Photoshop over other programs such as Adobe InDesign and other similar programs because I know how to use Photoshop and I dont know how to use InDesign and I don’t know of any other programs like that other than Microsoft Paint but getting access to that on a Mac computer is kinda hard.

I started off by pulling up a premade template that I created for an earlier assignment and have used for all of my work ever since just to ensure consistancy through out my work. I then devided my page down into the way I wanted it so that I had an evenly spaced page so that everything was the same size to make it look as professional as I could. I then added the text part of the tutorial because putting the text on the page is the easy part it was the images that was the hard part.

When I started looking for images to go with the steps on my tutorial I couldn’t find what I wanted on the internet in a consistent style so despite not being the most artistic of people I decided to try and draw my own illustrations and despite the fact they are not the most professional looking drawings all eight steps are in a consistent style.

If I was to do this challenge again then I would possibly do something a little more complex that a cup of tea or something that I could take pictures or screenshots so that I don’t have to put my chicken scratch scribbles to illustrate the different steps of the tutorial.

Making a Brew Tutorial