About Me

Well… Where to start… Im Sam, and Im studying a Foundation Degree in Creative Digital Communications. Which is probably pretty evident from the topics and entries in the blog.

Other than college work, I work at Halfords fixing and building bikes! Which is fun, cos one of the things I do in my spare time is Cycle alot, be it to get me from A to B or just for the giggles. So what I do as a job is actually really fun for me!

When it comes to cycling, I ride a bicycle called “Rock” made by a company called “Giant”, I have to phrase it like that otherwise saying I ride a Giant Rock to college and back could get me some funny looks.

One of my true passions is a Sport called Airsoft, which is possibly one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports there is in my opinion. What Airsofting is, is combat simulation. Carrying rifles and pistols that are the same look, feel and weight as the real things, carrying webbing and running around shooting each other. Its as close as you can get to being in a combat situation without the risk of actually dyeing when you get shot! There are so many different situations and simulations that it never gets boring, there is always a new place to go and play, and even if you play at a site more than once there is so many different scenarios to play which keeps it fresh. From playing on Military Training Bases to playing in forests, quarries, factories and office blocks there is always an adventure to be had and experiences to be gained. Especially when you got your team behind you and more importantly your bros, who have your back no matter what!


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