This assignment was an interesting one to do, especially researching into the different artists and finding out about their styles and lives and their different works of art. I started off looking at Alexa Meade after my tutor pointed me in that direction but quickly took a liking to her work because of how unique it was. Painting on people and then putting them into scenes and photographing them is completely the opposite way round to how most artists would work which is what makes it so fascinating. Also, she came up with this very early on in her Career as she is only Twenty four. It will be interesting to see what kind of works she comes out with later in her career.

Alexa Meade - Jaimie

Looking into David Hockney was an Idea from my Dad, I asked him to throw out some names of some artists that he had heard of and David Hockney was one of the names that stood out for some reason so I decided to do some research into him, his life and his works. Turns out he was born in the same place as my dad, which is a completely irrelevant piece of information, but I found it interesting.

I started looking at Pablo Picasso because I remember something from Primary school of all places, and how he used to paint Abstract paintings. Taking a subject and painting his own take on that subject, be it not painting features in the correct proportions or moving the features and colours around a bit, making his style unique to others.

The main thing that Links all three of these artists are that they all dared to do something different, something that would have them remembered for thinking outside of the box but still creating works of beauty.

I started off by taking a photograph of my younger brother to use as a base image. It took a few different attempts to get a photograph that I liked, was happy with and I could work with. This is the Image that can be seen below.

Now I had the photograph that I could work with it was time to go to town on it in Adobe Photoshop and get Creative on its ass.

First of all what I did was split my brother from the background so that I could just apply filters to him and keep the background the same.

Now that I had done this I could start playing around with the different filters within Photoshop to try and get an effect that looked as if the foreground had been painted rather than taken as a photograph, or at least that was my goal.

I tried a few different filters out of the “Artistic” section of the “Filter” Menu in photoshop and a couple of them just looked wrong, I finally settled on using the “Pallete Knife” Filter to make it look like it had been painted in oils, much like Picasso’s work was. After that I kept trawling through the filters menu, trying them all one at a time. There wasn’t really many that I liked that gave the image the effect that I wanted however I did find two in the “Brush Strokes” Filter Menu that I liked, “Accented Edges” and “Sprayed Strokes”. This combination was what I was looking for to make something that looked inspired by Alexa Meade. The next step was to add the inspiration that I found from Picasso, I selected facial features layered them via cut and then enlarged them and rotated them to add that element of abstract.

If I was to do this project again I think I would probably do a more in depth case study into other artists and their work to get more inspiration.