This is the part of the assignment where I tell you which software packages I have used to create the finish product and also which Hardware I used in the process too. The hardware that I used was my Macbook and my Canon EOS 500D Digital SLR Camera.

I took the photo and then uploaded them to my Macbook using iPhoto which comes as standard with all new Macs. and then put the one I wanted to use into Photoshop. To do that I had to go into iPhoto and find the file first because the way that the program archives the images it makes them difficult to find.

After I found the file, I copied it to somewhere that I would have easy access to it so that I could work with it without having to go through iPhoto every time. After I had moved the file it was time to put it into Adobe’s Photoshop and all creative on that bad boy.

So now that I had put it into photoshop, what I did was layer my brother from the background so that I could work on both elements separately to get the effect that I was looking for.

I did this by using the “Quick Selection” Tool and selecting the entire of my brother and then selected “Layer Via Cut” to layer him from the background.

Now it was time to play around with the different filters within Photoshop to try and get the effect that I desired on the foreground. After looking through nearly every filter I settled on three filters, Palette Knife, Accented Edges and Sprayed Strokes. These can be found in the Filter menu in Photoshop.

Now that I had settled on the filters that Im gonna use, I started to work on the background a little bit. However the only thing that I actually changed on the background was the colour levels, I made them slightly Darker.

I released that the changes that I made to the image were not severe enough from just changing some filters and colour levels. So I then started to play around with some of the facial features.

To start off with I selected the “Elliptical Marquee” Tool and started selecting facial features and layering them via cut. First of all I started with the Ear, then moved onto the eyes, the nose and the mouth. Now that I had all of the facial features in different layers, I could now start playing around with them. I took the ear, I enlarged it and rotated it slightly and then started to do the same with the eyes the nose and the mouth.

So by adding the filters to the subject it gave me the Alexa Meade inspired effect that I was looking for and by playing with the facial features, this gave me the Picasso inspired effect that I was looking for to finish my image.