This is the part of the assignment where I tell you which software packages I have used to create the finish product and also which Hardware I used in the process too.

The hardware that I used was again, a combination of 2 Computers. I started off by using the college’s iMac and then finished it off by using my Macbook at home.

I spent a lot of time debating wether or not I should dabble in trying some new software that I had never used before which was Adobe Illustrator however, I loaded the program up, tried to use it, got spooked and reverted back to photoshop as I hadn’t the first Idea how to use Illustrator. This took a while to get it to how I wanted it.

I started off by looking on the internet to find my favorite memes as I didn’t really have any ideas to create one of my own. I ended up with three image based ones rather than a video based one. To get the background for this, I took a section from one of the memes, and stretched it and then used the Opacity Tool to get it so that it was a sort of washed out colour and didn’t take over from the foreground. As you can see from the image below.

The next thing I had to do was create the foregrounds and the layout for the memes to go on. This took a while as I had to download a brush set called Rising Sun to get the effect I was looking for. I then had to Merge two shapes into one to get the angle that I wanted, square at one side but then sloped on the other.

I did this by creating a “Smart Object” which allowed me to play with certain aspects of certain layers without effecting everything. I did this by selecting my layers, Right clicking and selecting “Convert to Smart Object”
Adding the colour I did by using the colour picker tool and taking the colours from the original meme to ensure maximum accuracy to the real deal.

To get the heads of the Frog, Wolf and Penguin I used the magic wand tool. I went into the original meme, and selected the background with the magic wand tool then inverted the selection so that it selected the animal rather than the background. I then right clicked and selected Layer by Cut and then copied this new layer onto my poster. Below are some screen captures showing you how I did it.